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How to adjust computer monitor size – none:. How to Stretch a Screen to Fit Computer Monitor

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Make the computer easier to see.

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This option allows you to set a high-contrast color scheme that heightens the color contrast of some text and images on your computer screen, making those items more distinct and easier to identify. Turn on Narrator. This option sets Narrator to run when you log on to your computer. Narrator reads aloud on-screen text and describes some events such as error messages appearing that happen while you’re using the computer.

Turn on Audio Description. This option sets Audio Descriptions to run when you log on to your computer. Audio Descriptions describe what’s happening in videos. Change the size of text and icons. This option allows you to make text and other items on your screen appear larger, so they’re easier to see.

Turn on Magnifier. This option sets Magnifier to run when you log on to your computer. Magnifier enlarges the part of the screen where the mouse is pointing and can be especially useful for viewing objects that are difficult to see.

Adjust the color and transparency of the window borders. This option allows you to change the appearance of window borders to make them easier to see. Fine tune display effects. This option allows you to customize how certain items appear on your desktop. Make the focus rectangle thicker.

This option makes the rectangle around the currently selected item in dialog boxes thicker, which makes it easier to see. Set the thickness of the blinking cursor. This option allows you to make the blinking cursor in dialog boxes and programs thicker and easier to see.

Turn off all unnecessary animations. This option turns off animation effects, such as fading effects, when you close windows and other elements. Remove background images. This option turns off all unimportant, overlapped content and background images to help make the screen easier to see.

Windows 7 More If you see black borders on the sides of your computer screen, select the type of monitor you have from the list below for troubleshooting steps. If you’re using an LCD monitor , follow these troubleshooting steps. Verify you have the latest video driver installed on your computer. For links to many video drivers, see our video card drivers index. It is normal for a widescreen LCD to have black borders if you’re running a non-widescreen resolution or the program, game, or movie you’re watching does not support widescreen.

Make sure to change your resolution settings in Microsoft Windows to a resolution that supports widescreen. Examples of widescreen resolutions are x and x If you upgrade Windows from an older version to a newer version, the display resolution may revert to a default setting. If you see black borders after upgrading Windows, change your resolution settings again. Many DVDs support both widescreen and fullscreen mode. If you’re using a widescreen LCD, make sure to display the movie in widescreen format.

Additionally, you can change the aspect ratio in many DVD programs to fit your display. Due to architectural differences from the standard CRT monitor, an LCD has a set resolution often referred to as native resolution.

For example, if an LCD had a set resolution of x , but is changed to something larger, the size of displayed images decrease, causing a black border to appear. To rectify this issue, most LCD or laptop manufacturers have a utility to “stretch” the pixel size, allowing smaller images to take up the fullscreen.

However, this action does decrease the quality of the image slightly especially noticeable when viewing text. Because the method used to enable this feature varies, we recommend you contact your laptop or LCD manufacturer for additional information.



How to adjust computer monitor size – none:. Make the computer easier to see

Dec 01,  · Learn how to make the change the scale and layout settings to adjust your screen size and make text and apps appear bigger or smaller in Windows Int. Jan 28,  · Open Start > Settings > System > Display. Make sure recommended settings are selected for Scale and Layout and Screen resolution. If that does not work Press Windows key + X. Click Device Manager. Expand Display adapters. Right click the current display adapter. Click Properties. Click Driver tab. May 18,  · Step 1: Right-click on the empty space on your desktop and then click the Display settings option in the pop-up menu. Step 2: In the prompted menu, click the arrow icon behind Resolution. Choose the Recommended screen resolution in the Step 3: Then click Keeps changes to confirm the operation if.


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