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Spain entry rules: COVID tests, vaccination rules and masks explained in full | Euronews – How much is a Covid test in Spain?

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– Do you need a pcr test to travel to spain now – none:

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Spain is one of many countries that now asks travellers arriving from at least some locations to have a negative COVID test to enter.

At present, individuals who have been in any of a long list of countries in the previous 14 days are required to hold a medical certificate to prove that they took a test for coronavirus shortly before embarking on the journey to Spain and that the result was negative. The following exemptions apply:. In addition, passengers arriving from the following countries do not need to have a COVID test before travelling to Spain:. The present travel restrictions for Spain dictate that incoming passengers arriving from risk countries and territories must take one of the following tests before they reach Spanish soil:.

In order to be allowed to pass through Spanish border control, international travellers must have a certificate to prove that they took one of the above tests and that the result was negative. Alternatively, if it is only possible for an individual to obtain a certificate in a different language, it may be used accompanied by a certified translation into Spanish. In addition to the negative test result from within 48 hours previously, the certificate must show the following information:.

Spanish border authorities perform health screening on all arrivals, but this is usually limited to temperature checks and questions regarding symptoms. However, if a passenger is flagged due to having a high temperature or because they experienced symptoms associated with coronavirus during the journey, they may be required to take a test. Individuals travelling to Spain from a high-risk location must take an appropriate COVID test and obtain the certificate to prove it within 48 hours before their flight is due to land unless they are exempt for a valid reason , or else they may be denied entry.

The EU is moving to introduce a set of standard requirements for travellers entering member states of the European Union and the Schengen Area from third countries. Each member of the bloc is ultimately responsible for its own immigration policy and travel restrictions. Some countries, such as France, have closed their borders with fellow EU and Schengen nations as well as to third-country arrivals. Meanwhile, COVID-related entry restrictions and requirements vary between different parts of the region.

The European Commission advises member states with regards to the restrictions they impose and is recommending a coordinated approach from all parts of the EU. This idea has been backed by politicians in various countries, including Spain, which has called for a COVID vaccination certificate for Europe.

The EU has recently decided as a whole to allow travelers from third countries to enter for non-essential purposes, providing that they have a negative PCR test.

The medical certificate showing a negative COVID test for Europe is an additional requirement for entry; a visa is still required , with the exception of citizens of visa-exempt countries. By using our website you accept our Cookies Policy.

Click here , to know more. I agree. The following exemptions apply: Children under the age of 6 Passengers arriving from low-risk countries and regions Travellers with COVID vaccination certificate showing full approved vaccination at least 14 days before Travellers with COVID recovery certificate issued at least 11 days after a positive result Deadheading crew.

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– Travel Restrictions to Enter Spain and the EU for Coronavirus

Unvaccinated third-country nationals including Americans and Britons are now allowed to vacation in Spain after the government moved to join. Information on entry health requirements (vaccinations, diagnostic tests, If you do not have the EU Digital COVID Certificate or equivalent, you must. Vaccination certificate required to travel to Spain · Full vaccination at least 14 days and no more than days before arrival or · Fully vaccinated and with a.


Spain – Department of Foreign Affairs.

Feb 28,  · Those travellers to Spain who are still required to show a negative Covid test result to enter the country have to get tested within 24 hours before their arrival rather than 48 hours, if they choose a rapid antigen test (RAT). Negative PCR tests remain up to 72 hours before travelling. Getting tested in Spain will cost a traveller between €40 (antigen test) and € (PCR). The test can be carried at any of the public hospitals screening centres or in private clinics, and the results are out within hours. For Spanish citizens, getting tested for COVID is free of charge. Do you need a QR code to travel to Spain? Entry and Exit Requirements for Spain. U.S. citizens can travel from the United States to Spain if they show that they are vaccinated against COVID, or have a recovery certificate, or show a negative diagnostic test result (NAAT or .


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