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Polling is useful as a knowledge check tool and for quickly gaging student opinions on a particular topic. For more information, refer to the Polling in a Zoom meeting guide. Skip to menu Skip to content Skip to footer. The University of Queensland eLearning eLearning. Site search Search. Site search Search Menu. Tips for Using Zoom for Teaching. Home Guides Virtual Classroom. The following tips are recommended when using Zoom as a virtual classroom or teaching tool.

Classroom host controls Host controls allow you as the host to control various aspects of the Zoom Meeting. User Limits Log a request with the ITS Service Desk if you are planning to host a Zoom Meeting with more than participants to ensure your room has the correct capacity enabled.

Creating a reusable classroom link Creating a reusable link means you will only have to share a single web address with students for the entire semester, which they can then bookmark in their chosen browser. Select the Meetings tab, then select the Schedule a New Meeting option. Enter a title for your meeting in the Topic: field.

Enter start date and time, and the expected duration of the meeting. If you wish to create a recurring meeting, select the Recurring meeting option, then set the recurring meeting options. Set the Recurrence field to No Fixed Time to create a permanent meeting. Limit meeting access to UQ staff and students You can limit access to Zoom meetings by allowing only users that sign in with an uq.

When scheduling a meeting check the Only signed-in users with specified domains can join meetings checkbox. Joining before the host You are able to allow students to enter the Zoom meeting before you do, which means if you are running late, students will still be able to join.

Select the Allow participants to join option when setting up your room. Early arrivals will see the zoom interface and a black screen.

A notification the host has not arrived may temporarily display. Audience webcam and audio settings To avoid problems with bandwidth, you are able to automatically turn off participants’ webcam and microphone on entry. To mute participants automatically on join, select the Mute participants upon entry option. You may want to also copy the entire Zoom meeting invitation. For all steps, consider adding the following with your Zoom link.

If you plan to offer student hours office hours , be sure to create a separate Zoom meeting link. Consider enabling the Waiting Room option to queue students. Make it clear which Zoom Meeting link is which. Students that arrive in your Zoom meeting room without being logged will potentially need to be manually added to the proper breakout room.

If you need a small number of breakout rooms for a small number of students, you can do this manually. You can either just create a number of breakout rooms, or you can create breakout rooms and assign students to them. If you have a large number of students, it is easier to create rooms and add students by uploading the information. To add students to breakout rooms, you need a list of their email addresses.



Setting up a permanent zoom link.How can I set up a permanent Zoom link?


Note: You only are to create one personal link for all of your classes. Think of it as a virtual classroom. Step 1. Customize Your Personal Link in Zoom. Go to Zoom. Go to Profile, and then look for Personal Link. Click Customize. Step 2. Set a Recurring Meeting. Set a new meeting with these settings. Note: My title is very specific since I teach only one class.

Most teach multiple classes and multiple levels. I suggest using something general like “Mr. Smith’s Zoom Room” or “Mrs. Baker’s Labratory. Click Save. You know have a permanent Zoom meeting you can start and finish any time you wish.

Paste your personal Zoom link into Section in your Classroom settings:. Throughout the semester, students can copy your personal Zoom link directly from the header on the Classroom Stream page and paste it in their browser. They can also bookmark your personal Zoom, store it on a virtual sticky note, etc Whatever works for them will be fine.

Paste your personal link into a browser Chrome, etc Open the Zoom app and click the orange button. Be sure your Personal Meeting box is checked. When your meeting concludes leave as usual and your video will render.

To start your next meeting repeat 1 or 2 above. It looks like you’re using Internet Explorer 11 or older. This website works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. If you continue with this browser, you may see unexpected results.

Foillow These Step to the Letter! For example, my username is mschafer, so my personal link will be mschaferjis. Please use this standardized name system. If we implement new features and such, IT will use that system. Click Save Changes.

Insert Into Google Classroom Paste your personal Zoom link into Section in your Classroom settings: Throughout the semester, students can copy your personal Zoom link directly from the header on the Classroom Stream page and paste it in their browser. Method 2 2.


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