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Podcast | The Corporate Data Show.


Heck, in life, very few things are free. But, as Sushant explains, contributing to SafeGraph and their efforts in Placekey is. Safegraph is a data-as-a-service provider and founding member of Placekey, an initiative across the geospatial and data ecosystem to build a universal, free identifier for every place in the world, including POIs, residential, industrial, and office spaces.

The basic idea is to provide accurate, widespread data on as much physical info as possible. This could refer to the exact location of a business, office, etc. Or, it could tell you whether the business has a parking lot. Regardless, all of this info can be very helpful for us to have, but it’s a massive undertaking to compile and organize it all. You can learn more at www. After spending a few years in New York, he relocated to Washington, D.

Of course, he has ultimately ended up at SafeGraph where he focuses on creating, seeking out, and driving new initiatives. If you’d like to get ahold of him, you can do so at sushant safegraph. Well, fret not, because Alex was happy to give us the inside scoop. So tune in, kick back, and get your daily dose of learning with this episode of the Corporate Data Show. As we know, the marketing industry loves nothing more than a good acronym. Honestly, if we could speak solely in acronyms, we probably would.

But what is that? If done well, CDPs give this data purpose in product development, supply chain management, planning, and much more. So, the big idea behind CDP is to not just get data, but to make it useful for a company.

However, Alex points out that CRM is nowhere near as effective in organizing data as CDP, because it requires restructuring and human input by nature. This can take a huge toll on important processes like deduplication. Rather than having some poor soul sift through it all and figure it out, a top-notch CDP will do it for you. He believes this is valuable because business buyers require personalized sales approaches and marketing experiences, just like individual consumers. Blending his talents in general management, vision, operations, sales execution, organizational change management, and leadership development skills, Alex Yoder has repeatedly reset businesses and consistently delivered new and sustained growth.

So, needless to say, he has a proven track record of delivering extraordinary results under extremely challenging circumstances. All of these experiences have made him a results-focused, strategic senior executive with deep experience in marketing, advertising, data and analytics technology.

Warren explains how important it is for the CRO role to be effective and holistic, so that companies are seeing as much revenue as possible. His consulting firm, Zenna Consulting Group, is a Strategic Advisory that develops and executes marketing strategies for B2B tech firms.

As part of this work, he develops go-to market positioning strategies and builds revenue operations of scale through strategic partnerships. Rick was wrong. Luckily, though, we had Warren Zenna around to set him straight. In the first couple minutes of the episode, Rick said that by his understanding, a CRO was essentially in charge of sales, overseeing salespeople and revenue channels. We thought so. The CRO, then, should be the head of all three of these departments, creating a uniform front.

This way, rather than butting heads and causing internal conflict, the revenue-producing departments within your organization will all work together. They may sound the same, but the distinct difference is that the latter outlook causes us to view the process gaining revenue more holistically. A good company will approach revenue functions as overall customer experiences, starting from the first email sent to the feedback they receive.

This leads to even more sales and greater revenue. This is the main challenge facing companies when it comes to CROs: far too many of us regard them simply as heads of sales. This forces them to view revenue streams through an extremely narrow lens, causing internal issues and loss of revenue. Click here for the full transcript. The two of them sling back a couple mocktails while talking company culture and its importance.

So kick back, whip up a virgin mojito, and listen as they enlighten us on how to best leverage great company culture to our advantage. Of course, he is now the founder and CEO of Metadata, which you just heard him talk about. If you’d like to get in touch with Gil, you can reach him at gil metadata. And we hear from a reliable source that he cares quite a bit about maintaining a great place to work.

Going into this episode, the team wasn’t sure if the focus should be company growth or culture. However, after some deliberation, we came to the conclusion that without solid company culture, you’re going to struggle to grow anyhow. And even if you do, poor culture will cause issues along the way. So, as Gil agrees, company culture is crucial to perfect before you can focus on growing. After some struggles early in their careers, Rick and Gil both learned that the best way to instill a winning culture in their companies was to do so by example.

Of course, both of them point out that this isn’t necessarily easy. While company culture can grow and evolve, and there’s always something new to learn, Rick points out that a great place to start is putting your values in writing. This makes your culture more tangible, and gives you something to hand new employees before they even have their names on their desks.

Most importantly, this write-up should be created with your long-term goals in mind. If you don’t plan for growth and center your company culture around it, you’ll never be able to keep control of a large team.

They recall the story of a prisoner who came to lead a cell house gang through violent and otherwise unsavory methods. After taking control, he looked back upon the pile of bodies in his wake some metaphorical and some not so much , and realized that he had not truly accomplished anything great. This may sound a little extreme, but it’s a fitting analogy. If you just blaze ahead with nothing in mind but reaching the top, you’re likely not going to be satisfied with what you’ve built when you get there.

As Rick concludes the episode, he points out that it’s more important to be truly fulfilled in your work than to score big wins every single day. So, keep your values in mind in everything you do, and your team will follow suit. Covering topics like the privacy paradox, access management, and more, they discuss the challenges many of us face in this business when it comes to ethics. Listen and read on to learn more about what Harrison has to say!

One of the biggest challenges facing any organization that compiles large amounts of data is security. Harrison says yes, but with some conditions. One interesting facet of data compilation involves the privacy paradox. As Harrison describes, the privacy paradox essentially describes the ease in which many people will claim they care about personal privacy, but when tasked with actually doing something to protect it, they opt out.

It sounds crazy, but think about it: how many times have you, as someone who likely cares about their privacy, agreed to let an app you downloaded 13 seconds ago collect your personal data? Because of this, Harrison believes the main ethical consideration in storage of data is access management.

He explains that identity has two parts: the first is the knowledge, or info of that identity, itself, and the second is access to that knowledge. So, maybe they originally agreed to making their personal info available to data resellers, but a month later they would not agree to do so. This makes access management extremely challenging; who do you give access to what info and when? He and his team believe that often the problem for salespeople and marketers is not lack of data, but rather a poor strategy in using that data.

And we happen to agree. Tune in while Rick and Jason discuss how an account-based strategy can help you get more sales. Jason Yarborough is VP of Partnerships at Terminus, a leading ABM company that helps marketing, sales, and customer success work together to create a winning go-to-market strategy.

A lover of coffee and people, you can usually find him spending his free time outside, following an obscure trail his curiosity took him down. To get in touch with Jason, you can find him at yarby terminus. We here at Every Market Media fully endorse ABM, or account-based marketing, for the same reason we endorse anything else: it works. Jason, of course, agrees, and helps break down why that is.

Hyper-targeted marketing, which is the basic principle behind ABM, allows your team to work together to create a strategy specific to a potential client. Find the best matches for you, develop perfect strategies for them, and avoid ending up in the spam folder. Learn about how crucial it is to have an efficient system for pulling in data on your leads, and how Salesflare can help. Never manually track down those boring little tidbits of info again, and more importantly, get your salespeople to stop complaining.

Hit us up on our contact us page or at marketing everymarketmedia. Salesflare automates this process, making your life easier. Say you reach out to a contact and want to map out not only your interactions with that person, but also any relevant info about them.

Salesflare will use any available data, such as email signatures and linked websites to compile even more data. But there really is. He and the other founder, Lieven, grew tired some time ago of manually tracking and following up with all the leads they had at their software company.

So, being the software savants they are, they developed a system to automate the process. Thus, Salesflare was born. These guys Disclaimer: The following episode features a fictional event, where an inbound marketing team kidnaps the co-host in an attempt to stop Every Market Media from proving that outbound marketing does indeed work.

But really, it does work. Like, really good. In this week’s episode, join Rick as he announces our upcoming event “The Great Data Bake Off,” a grading activity that gets some of the biggest hitters in the data industry together to see who can “bake” the best data. But that’s not all!

The original recording of our episode was thwarted by a motivated inbound marketing team looking to control the dialogue around the effectiveness of outbound marketing strategy. The studio was trashed and our co-host was kidnapped. We’re here to tell you that it is all going to be okay and our show will be sent out as scheduled. Listen now to some of the highly edited audio that survived the encounter, as Rick and our anonymous co-host brainstorm the grading criteria and rules for our bake off.

If you haven’t done so, subscribe to our show on your favorite podcast player so you never miss an episode. Your open-rates, data, customers.. Pretty much everyone will thank you for it! Know a great topic you want to hear? Are you a great podcast guest? Do you know a great podcast guest? Please reach out to us at marketing everymarketmedia. Every Market Media decides to host the Great Data Bake Off to compare popular sales intelligence and marketing databases for accuracy on key attributes used by professionals to generate revenue.

Inbound marketers long afraid of being asked to do any work that might look or smell like a sales activity are controlling the dialog about their methods being the only methods that work. You can see this to be true when you search for information about doing outbound email marketing the right way and you see that the search positions are dominated by some big folks with lots of content designed to sell you inbound solutions. Here at EMM we are marketing type agnostic about what works, and we find a composite method of inbound, outbound and customer management to be the right approach for ourselves.

However, the original show host that had recorded the show was unable to participate because of a membership organization their firm belongs to. In that group, they agree to not sell or imply the effectiveness of outbound email marketing. We are not making this up. In the data bake off setup show, it was determined that up to nine sets plus EMM could be accepted and that the minimum data needed to be evaluated would be business level information. The show will give priority to data sets that also contain executive contact information but will grade attributes at the business and contact level.

In this episode, Rick discusses what data professionals should be doing to wrap up this eventful to prepare for the new year. With all of this year’s challenges, we also want to take a look at the bright side and say thanks to everyone on this journey with us. If we don’t see you beforehand, Happy Holidays! We’ll see you all again next year.

Take the time to rest and safely see family if you can. You deserve it. What should data professionals be doing to wrap up ? Prepare for ? Planning and staging. Why are you even wasting your time with prospects that are not an ideal buyer type for you? Make sure the cadences you have set up to your accounts are all full of companies that fit your buyer persona flawlessly. Then, backfill the cadences with contacts using a tiered, personalized strategy. Hold yourself accountable to some important metrics.

Check your delivery. Finally, I know you all think since the highest response rate is the last one in the cadence, so you just skip there. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Some favorite things about this year, silver linings, but really GTFO Email marketing is cool again? But so many companies are hiring people on their behalf that are just doing a terrible job.

Information services is hot, hot, hot. Shoutout Zoominfo for buying everyone. Shoutout to all the entrepreneurs taking that easy investor money about to lose it. Shoutout the awesome new people onboard EMM, its been a real perspective shift, without this terrible year we never would have made the changes to find each other. Happy Holidays to Everyone! Time has a meaning again? BIG thanks to our listeners, customers, partners, and staff.

Stay safe out there! Rick Holmes :. Hey everybody. Welcome back to The Corporate Data Show. I’m Rick Holmes. Your fabulous host wrapping up with you. Don’t know if he’ll have gotten me any new intro music by the time this thing comes out, but I sure hope so. The other one’s fabulous, but put dated, but data definitely dated.

So the purpose of this podcast this week wrapping up , I wanted to give the SDRs out there. The marketing folks some of the new folks to some tips on what they should be doing right now to wrap up and generate leads for the company. So they continue to have gainful employment and make money. Let’s get right in all right, SDRs people who are in sales support, you guys need to be building and planning and staging. The first thing you want to be thinking about here is, why are you even wasting your time with prospects that are not an ideal buyer type for your company or the product that you’re selling are charged with making the quota for.

Make sure when you set these cadences up, that you have set them up chock-full of companies that fit your buyer persona flawlessly. And if you can’t say that these businesses fit your buyer persona flawlessly, you either don’t know the buyer persona, or they don’t fit the buyer persona flawlessly, and you need some more direction.

That’s the first thing you’ve got to do setting up for After that you’ve got to go to your accounts that are chock-full the right people. Now you can spend time filling them in because they fit flawlessly.

You did that before. I hope so. So you want to backfill those with contacts and you can use a tiered personalized strategy here. Like if you stretch this out over four weeks or six weeks, you can reach out to your prospect and the people who work with them.

And you can do that in a tiered personalized way. If you’re doing this right, it’s going to take you six weeks. So again, go back to the core part of this guy, as the core part of the advice I’m giving you, do not have companies in this list that you don’t want to solicit no list of a hundred good companies. There’s a lot to work, especially at first.

And I know a lot of bosses want you to go faster. You can go fast once you got the process going, but don’t start going fast than a process you don’t have nailed down yet. So that was a lot of advice. So once you start working in for those of you guys that save these things and put them on repeat, now what? You got the cadences, you think you’ve got some decent script. You’ve got your telephone in your hand now, what? Okay, well, I’ll have you start sending the emails.

I recommend you send emails and make calls on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and set yourself up to make calls on Mondays and Fridays.

Just for simple advice. The other thing you want to do is hold yourself accountable to some important metrics here. If you’re sending one-to-one emails, if it’s not check your delivery, you might have a layer of technology in there doing marketing automation or tracking for you. That’s causing you to not deliver to inbox. And that’s a super big problem. So make sure before you start reaching out to folks that that all looks good.

You know, do you have a profile picture set up a couple of those things make you look like a real person. Don’t trust all your technology stack if you haven’t checked it at least once. So that’s my, that’s my first thing. So, so you’ve got a four-week cadence send one email a week and make a call a week and check out a LinkedIn profile. You again, you got to check out what’s going on in your, in your basics.

So last thing you might’ve heard some dirty tricks or read a different article. Let me just talk you away from the final thing you shouldn’t do to wrap up Don’t do what some people have been busted doing.

And look, I’m not going to pick on anybody specifically because of the economic climate this year, but I’ve seen folks skipping right to the last email in their cadences to get a higher response rate as if I didn’t notice the other three weren’t sent. But don’t do that. Don’t skip the last one. Your cadence you’ll get a higher response rate maybe, maybe, but hopefully that’s just ad agencies doing that on behalf of their customers.

And the second thing don’t start emails in cadences. Someone got this slick idea recently don’t start emails with “RE:” it’s not a reply. Google Finance Yahoo! Categories : Software companies established in Internet properties established in Companies based in Vancouver, Washington Domain-specific search engines Software companies of the United States Software companies of Israel Companies listed on the Nasdaq mergers and acquisitions mergers and acquisitions initial public offerings Startup databases American companies established in Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Articles with a promotional tone from May All articles with a promotional tone Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. Logo as of December, Nasdaq : ZI. Software as a Service. Vancouver, Washington , United States.

NeverBounce, [2] Datanyze [3]. We were established in in Jeddah. If there is a final frontier of tourism left, it’s Saudi Arabia. A record 81 people were executed in Saudi Arabia on March Connect, select and recruit medical personnel for your organization.

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Who competes with zoominfo – none: –


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