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– How to add an admin to zoom

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How to add an admin to zoom


Role-based access control allows you to have a set of permissions that allow access only to pages that users need to view or edit. Only the owner can assign this role. If you want users to be granted role assignment rights in addition to the owner, you can customize the role and assign users to the role to grant role assignment rights in addition to the owner.

Because only the owner can initially add user roles, Zoom recommends adding a role that allows the owner to manage at least one other user role. If you grant Edit permissions to Manage Roles, users with this newly created role will be able to create and manage user roles. Owners are not the only ones who can do this task.

Also, if you want users in this role to view or edit additional pages, click other checkboxes. User group: Display and edit groups. Webinar Settings: View and edit settings that affect all webinars that users in your account have decided to schedule. Record Management: View and edit the recording information of meetings hosted by users in your account. Mobile Device Management: View or edit mobile device management for the account.

User Activity Report: Displays a detailed user activity report that can be used for auditing. Tracking Field Schedule: View and edit the fields that can be used to analyze meeting usage. Type of Default role as Admin in Zoom.

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